General contract work, industrial buildings, retail units and halls

General contract work, apartment buildings and blocks

General contract work, family houses

Full-scale design and installation of electrical systems


About us

Operating since 1995, Pécsi Építő is an uncompromising building contractor.

From premium materials to the expertly assembled details, every step of our workflow is designed so that the return on the trust invested in us by our customers would be substantial.

Over 500 projects

Our services include building construction of family houses, industrial buildings, retail units, and apartment buildings with full-scale planning and installation of electrical systems. Our experts will take care of all aspects of architectural design, and building construction.

We have been building for more than 25 years

We believe in broad and long-term collaboration. Our goal is to improve both the efficiency and quality of construction services offered in Baranya county, through nurturing our existing relationships, and constantly expanding our extensive partner network.

Construction services

Construction of industrial buildings, retail units and halls

From planning through project administration to licensing, we undertake the construction of halls, architectural design and construction of retail units and business premises.

General construction of apartment and office buildings

As a general contractor, we offer architectural design and construction of apartment buildings, offices and office buildings for investment firms.

Construction of family homes

We help our clients from budget planning of turn-key houses, through full-scale construction work, to liaising with the relevant authorities, and licensors.

Full-scale design and installation of electrical systems

As part of our building electrical services we offer the design of building-wide light- and heavy-current systems, licensing administration and full-scale electrical work implementation.

How we work


Trust is important for us

We use the word “trustworthy” with a singular purpose: To gain and keep the trust of our clients is our main priority, whether it is about time management, the quality of construction materials, communication or costs.


Without compromise

We know no compromise when it comes to the quality of our work. Utilising our solid professional knowledge and capital assets, we strive to maintain both our AAA qualification and the satisfaction of our clients.


Personal care

Through the interpersonal relationships, we maintain with our clients, made possible by our solid office background, we offer work flexibility besides our punctuality and excellent work quality.


Highly trained professionals

Our seasoned office and construction teams work closely together to offer the best possible service to our clients, by maintaining a solid work culture and adhering to our strict operational standards.


Full-scale services

Through our full-scale construction jobs, we pay close attention to the smallest details and the whole of the project alike, so our clients can rest assured that the professional management has complete control over everything, even though work procedures lasting several months.


Professional management

Work processes follow precise and efficient planning and are overseen by professional management, both in the office and on the construction sites. Adherence to health and safety regulations is of primary importance to us.

how we work


We guide our customers from the first ideas to the finishing touches.

Our collaboration is not just about buildings, as a harmonious and effective work relationship between our companies and contact persons are part of our quality considerations.