Building electrical systems

Full-scale planning and installation

We approach our clients’ projects with our extensive experience, accumulated since the foundation of our firm. Regularly upgraded equipment, regular training, and high-end instruments help our seasoned team to complete any and every kind of electrical work, from planning to installation. We offer electrical installation, and planning of light- and heavy-current systems for buildings, apartment blocks, offices, healthcare facilities, halls and retail units. We also offer professional inspection of electrical systems, lightning protection systems, periodic electrical safety or any other standards compliance inspection of machine tools, gas stubs, and maintenance of the above.

Electrical systems planning and installation

Electrical systems planning

We offer full-scale design of electrical systems for all types of buildings, be it industrial buildings, halls, apartment blocks, offices, family homes or retail units. We work adhering to the latest regulations and strive to build systems with lasting, reliable operating performance. We prepare permit and licensing plans and manage the process of obtaining the necessary permits and licenses.

Electrical systems installation

For electrical works, we use the safest, most reliable tools and materials to ensure impeccable quality, and lasting, reliable operational performance. Our technicians continually improve their professional knowledge through regular training sessions, so we can work efficiently on the most complex systems and on the smallest premises alike, always considering the local conditions.

Electrical system inspections

At the behest of our clients, we also perform electrical safety, compliance, lightning safety and instrumental inspections. We provide standardised documentation of the inspections, acceptable by the authorities. We offer repairs of detected faults and defects, in adherence with the latest electrical and safety regulations. We perform illuminnaton and light measurements according to the regulations outlined in “54/2014.(XII.5.) BM rendelet az Országos Tűzvédelmi Szabályzatról” jogszabály és a “3/2002.(II.8.) SzCsM EüM együttes rendelet”.

See also:
MSZ EN 1838: 2014
MSZ EN 12464-1: 2012
MSZ EN 50172: 2005
MSZ EN 60598-2-22: 2015

Complete electrical works

We offer comprehensive planning and installations of building-wide light- and heavy current electrical systems, with full licensing and permit administration support.

Predictable prices

With precise planning, we offer fair prices for our clients, alongside precise budget planning. We keep the prices under control until the conclusion of the electrical installation works.

Decades of expertise

We approach building electrical projects with confidence since the field has been a highly emphasised specialisation in our portfolio since the beginning.

How we work


Efficient communication

Our clients can count on our solid office background in every case, which ensures continuous and efficient communication with our technicians. During the design and implementation phases, we also work flexibly, checking every detail with our clients as needed. The documentation of audits is created according to the latest standards.

Modern solutions

Legal compliance

Our technicians are aware of all current regulations regarding electrical work, thanks to regular training. We implement our design, rigging and repair works according to these quality and safety regulations. We provide all necessary equipment at the work sites.


Professional management

Our team leaders work according to strict regulations and document all processes. Our management not only oversees the work processes but also takes care of the human elements and our client’s requests.

Work force

Reliable professionals

We guarantee the quality of our colleagues’ work and communication, sice we work with a reliable, closely integrated team. Our clients will never meet the “Hungarian labourer” stereotype.


Full-scale services

During the building electrical design and implementation works, we support our clients from the initial consultation to the finishing touches. We take care of every detail, adherence to regulations, efficient communication and the budget as well.



Our company offers a warranty on all electrical projects designed and implemented by us. We guarantee excellent quality without compromise, be it smaller jobs or the full electrical system of a large building.