Our turn-key family house construction services

During our general contract work service for building family homes, our aim is to build turn-key family homes our clients can be proud of.
Building a family house is an important commitment, be it for personal use or as an investment, therefore it is our priority to design and build according to the initial concepts and ideas. We work with a solid office background; excellent, integrated teams of professionals; and the highest quality building materials, resourced from our reliable partners.
General contract work for family homes

General contract work for family homes

General contract work

During the design phase of turn-key family houses, we guide our clients from architectural design through budget planning and project administration to the final handover of the family house. We prepare permit and licensing plans and manage the process of obtaining the necessary permits and licenses.

Turn-key building construction

In our work, we prioritise quality, organisation and deadlines. Our solid office background helps us to communicate efficiently, so we can handle our clients’ requests flexibly, and our teams are always up-to-date regarding changes.

Fair general contract prices

It is our aim to always calculate fair prices for our clients even in a fast-changing market and to control the prices with precise budget planning.

Decades of expertise

We approach all construction projects with high confidence since our company has been dealing with all aspects of planning and building construction since ’95.

How we work


Efficient communications

Our solid office background and expert project leaders ensure continuous and straightforward communication between our professionals and our clients. Besides striving for perfect quality, we work flexibly, since there are a lot of changes to be taken into account while building a family house.

Modern solutions

Relevant equipment

We use modern and reliable equipment, our tools are handled by our technicians with confidence. We provide regular training to our colleagues so that they can work with the latest technologies and equipment. We provide all necessary equipment at the site of construction.


Professional management

We closely cooperate with the relevant authorities and follow the changes in regulations. Adherence to and enforcement of health and safety regulations is our top priority. Our management does not only oversee the practical aspects of work, but also the human element, and the requests of our clients.


Trustworthy professionals

We work with a trustworthy, integrated team, therefore we also guarantee the quality of our colleagues’ work and communication. Our clients will never meet the “Hungarian labourer” stereotype.


Full-scale services

During the construction of family houses, we support our clients from the initial consultation to the finishing touches. We take care of every detail of the construction, the communication and the budget as well.



Our company, operating uninterruptedly since 1995, offers a warranty for all halls, industrial buildings and retail unit contracts. We guarantee excellent quality without compromise, be it for your own home or an investment.